The Dispute Surgery are not a firm of solicitors and they are not regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).  

All of our lawyers work as SRA Regulated law firms across the United Kingdom. 

If you submit a request to get a diagnosis of your dispute, you will have the opportunity to have an initial confidential chat (Aprox 30 minutes) with a fully qualified lawyer.  This option to chat is free and you will be under no obligations.

In the alternative, you may prefer to get a written answer to your legal question.  If so, we will only be able to answer one legal question per submission.  The answer provided will be an initial guide and the lawyer in question reserves their position to amend or review what they have written upon perusal of new and/or additional information.

The service that you receive from the Dispute Surgery is provided as guidance only.  Formal advice and assistance from a SRA regulated firm of solicitors should be sought should you decide to pursue your dispute. 

Should you choose to pursue your dispute without first seeking advice and assistance from an SRA regulated firm of solicitors, we can accept no liability for any potential loss or losses.

You may choose to engage or instruct the lawyer that you speak to.  Should you choose to formally engage or instruct the lawyer that you speak to, they will send you their firm’s terms and conditions and your contract for legal services will be with the firm you engage or instruct and not the Dispute Surgery.

The Dispute Surgery can deal with all types of legal disputes as long as the dispute is governed by the law of England and Wales.

If you agree to be added to our mailing list.  You may of course opt-out at anytime.  We hate spam and we will only send you legal updates from time to time.