Why Us

Need some guidance about a legal dispute?  Why not ask a lawyer from the Dispute Surgery for a diagnosis of your commercial or non-commercial legal dispute.

We will find a lawyer for you to talk to and this should help you decide whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

Why not? It’s free!

How to book an appointment in the dispute surgery

Book an appointment and ask a lawyer free


Are you a company or an individual with a legal dispute to pursue but would like to understand the potential strengths and weaknesses in your case before you outlay any funds?  Then the Dispute Surgery is for you!

Prefer to ask a lawyer your legal question first from the comfort of your office?  If so we will find a lawyer for you!

Book a free lawyer consultation and get free legal answers.

A summary of the good stuff 


  • free legal guidance.
  • a confidential service.
  • online legal service which means that you will not have to physically attend an appointment.
  • speak with an experienced and qualified dispute lawyer about your legal case.
  • the process to ask a lawyer about your legal case is simple.
  • book a legal consultation and speak with a specialist lawyer at your convenience. 
  • you will be under no obligations to pursue your legal case but,
  • if you like what you hear and you do decide to pursue your legal case, you will have the option to instruct the lawyers, if you so wish.